Mental Preloading or WOOP - Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, and Plan | How to get the most out of this course.

I really want you to get awesome results from Marketing By Design so first let's talk about mental preloading or WOOP.

WOOP stands for Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, and Plan. ... WOOP builds self-control and helps you achieve your goals. This practical evidence based activity was developed by Professor Gabriele Oettingen at New York University. WOOP has more than 20 years of testing in classrooms, gyms, and health care settings. It has been proven that making a contingency plan and preparing for your obstacles helps you fulfill your wishes.

So to get the best results possible from doing this course write down your wish, outcome, obstacle, and plan. Once you have done this put it somewhere to remind yourself of how you're going to complete all the lessons and take action so that you can get the results that you are looking for.

Now begin to go through the curriculum in order, completing the exercises as you go. Then go back through the exercises to improve the flow within your marketing strategy. 

If you find there’s not enough space to enter your work, add more lines or even add another page. The templates are set up so you can work directly in them or print them out. I recommend you work within the document so it can continue to be an ever evolving tool for your business. Update and critique the information on a regular basis. As you and your business grow, your focus and priorities will be shifting and evolving so it is important to revisit on a regular basis.

If you’re like me and time management is not a natural strength, plan time in your daily schedule to complete the course. Here are a few more tips to help you stay committed to the process:

  • Make sure you have done your mental preloading before beginning the course (complete worksheet)
  • Plan the time to plan your time
  • Keep the commitments you make to yourself
  • As soon as you make a commitment, schedule it into your calendar
  • Schedule more time than you think you’ll need (start with 25% more time)
  • Get human accountability support
  • Take time regularly to reflect on how you’re doing with your time management. Where are you doing well? Not so well? Why or why not?
  • Turn off electronics you’re not using to complete the course
  • For best results, take your time with this course but stay engaged until it's completed. Take up to eight weeks to complete the course if you need to. Research has shown that completing a marketing course like Marketing by Design in a six-week period helps you absorb and implement the information in the most effective way possible.

Once you have completed the above it is time to join the Accountability Buddy Facebook Group to double ensure you stay in the game and complete the course.